See today as tomorrow

wishes you did.


i help you see.

What if you never had to say,

"I wish I would've known how

important that was at the time" ?

i help you remember.

for intentional souls

for meaning makers


Are you looking or are you seeing?

our photographs help us see.

How will you know you made your life count?

When your head hits the pillow at night and you are left with your you feel like you saw it?
Did you really see it?

Did you see the micro moments in your day that showed you the point of it all?

There is so much to do & life can move so fast but what does it all mean if it still feels like you're missing it?

your photographs are your breadcrumbs...

Your photographs are a portal to presence.

Photography is not just souvenirs from your past, something to check off your annual to do list, or a skill to make "prettier".

Photography is a way of engaging in your life.
Photography wakes us up to see what is right in front of you.
It can help us remember what something FELT like, rather than merely what it looked like.

When we consider what this craft offers with intention, we can harness the power of it for healing, comfort, self discovery,

& seeing your 20/20 hindsight NOW.


education for photographic artists & intentional souls

Are you a photographic artist that finds making meaning to be synonymous with making photographs? This space is for you.

I help you feel confident in your ability to see and connect to calm and presence while creating your work. I am happy to discuss any and all parts of my practice but what is most important is YOU.

I want to know what is most important to you.
Why do you take the pictures you take? What's stopping you from doing what you really want to be doing?

Is there a gap between what is most important to you and what you're seeing in the photographs?

Let's discover how I can best support you in uncovering your powerful vision.

I turned my biggest fear into a beautiful vision for my life.

At 11 yrs old, I was in bed staring at the dark ceiling and I had my first ever panic attack while considering the meaning of death. I just kept thinking, "nothing. nothing, nothing, nothing." The idea that everything that was so important to me would eventually turn into nothing, was too much for my 11 yr old brain to handle.

I became obsessed with documenting, saving, & creating things with meaning. Grease stained lunch notes, home video stills, and creating immersive installations dedicated to loved ones present & passed-I viewed everything through a nostalgic lens. I saw through the current state and into the sentimental core of it all. I received my BFA in Photography and continued living my life with a deep desire to make it count & not miss it. (whatever "it " was)

In 2021, the death of my beloved dog, my first real loss in life, confirmed that the work I had been creating and my process for living it served a higher and an infinitely more expansive purpose. Grief, comfort, love, self discovery- I didn't find refuge in grand, polished places. I found what I needed in the chronicles of my seemingly mundane nothingness. There is was, the whole time. I knew it all along and yet- I needed to be reminded. Don't we always know? Sometimes we all just need reminding.

Since then I have launched a podcast, an intimate membership, education, & photographic commission offerings. All of my work is centered around showing you that your "nothing" is really your everything. All you have to do is see.

Join me at the intersection of mindful photographic practice, connecting to your truth, & creative expression so that you can live more of your life on purpose.

I help you see.

Whether you are looking to savor this moment in time through photographs or you are seeking to strengthen your own vision in your photographic practice,

I can help you see what is already there.

let's connect

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nOV, 08, 2022

Grow Your Photography Work= 3% Technical, 97% THIS Enduring Mindset Strategy.

Technology changes. Gear changes. Your taste changes. What's "on trend" changes. We commit so much time, space, & energy into putting a lot of effort into perfecting something only for it to change. What if that energy went into something far more timeless? Far more enduring? Far more fulfilling?

AUG, 03, 2022

See More of Your Life: The Ripple Effect of a Photograph

I was driving home and did something I've never done- recorded a podcast episode in the car. I just couldn't help myself-I needed to speak right there and then. Not waiting until I got home or in a more ideal situation- I was vibrating with joy & purpose & need to speak directly from that moment. It felt URGENT to speak from this place of knowing and feeling in that very second. I had spent the last 2.5hrs photographing a family doing absolutely nothing- & it was simply everything.

Vulnerable, real conversations challenging the norm & empowering you to harness your intentional vision for your purposeful life. See nostalgia, now. Artist & Educator Bianca Morra hosts conversations with inspiring guests and also records journal entry style solo episodes with unabashed honesty. Listen in to a new episode every Wednesday and leave inspired by your every day with a deep peace of knowing that you're not alone & have the innate power to make this life count.

FEB, 02, 2022

3 Powerful Ways To Make The Most of Your Endless Photo Scroll

In this episode I talk you through 3 different ways to make unique and meaningful arrangements with your endless photo archive. Which one is your fave?

NOV, 24, 2021

The Photos You Didn't Know You Needed - a convo with my best friend.

In this episode, I share a gallery of photos with my bff. She's a self proclaimed, type A, always thinking 24 steps ahead type- but she was surprised when the photos I delivered- ones that she thought she didn't want or need- quickly became her most favorite family photos yet.




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