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"What if you didn't have to choose between being present & taking the photo?"

An online course on mindset, intention, & photographic practice

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What if your photographs are actually the portal to being present for your life?

and I frantically questioned,

"Was I present in my last moments with him?"

"After the shock transpired and we returned home, I frantically searched my mind to remember that last morning with him.

Then I remembered.

Yes. Of course.

I had a special groggy morning cuddle with him. I stared at him and ran my hand down his nose. I kissed his velvet ears and whispered how much I loved him. This was not uncommon for me. And that in itself is something that makes me think about the rest of my life.

Although losing him has been the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt, I find comfort in fully knowing that I could not possibly have loved him more.

I could not have kissed him more, or told him I loved him more.

I could not have appreciated him more. 

Every day I would put my face in his neck or on his head and close my eyes and think about how grateful I was for his soul. 

Was it because I was always hyper aware of the unfair abbreviated lifespan of a dog? Partially, yes, I’m sure.

But this can be true for anyone and anything. I think sometimes we forget that.

My mind is so chaotic and I’m often riddled with overwhelm and to-do lists. 

What is it about him that magically made everything okay?

I could glance over at him and completely stop what I was doing to go to him and have a moment of true presence.

He gave me peace and pulled a sacred intentionality out of me. That type of presence is something that I strive for all the time and fail- yet, it was effortless in his companionship. '

"Then I wondered...what might happen if I looked at what I learned from my effortless ability to be present with him and applied it to the rest of my life?"


You are already know what matters most...

Now, let's unlock your innate ability to notice & do it on purpose.




I help YOU connect to your vision and see nostalgia in your NOW by reimagining your photo practice.

so what the hell does this mean?

what is your daily photo PRACTICE?

Your photo practice is just as simple as it sounds.

Your normal, natural, and usual way of documenting your life.

Whether you take photos often, sometimes, or very little-

there is a lot to be noticed about what you are noticing

and deeming important enough to photograph in your life.

The goal of digging into your photo practice is NOT:

to get you taking more pictures,

less pictures,

or "better" pictures.

See your nostalgia, now.

What does it mean?



a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past,
typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Recognizing nostalgia in your now is your ability

to experience the present with that feeling in your tummy of:

"This. This is one of those moments."

These moments are often the simplest moments-

ones you can never plan for.

You can barely even describe them with words.
But you know them when you're in them.

Exercising that muscle of activating your nostalgia vision means that you can and will

notice more.

see more.

experience more.

so you can


more of the moments that matter most to you.

redefine your relationship with your photo habit.

Let's just dive right into it, shall we? Podcast Ep. 32 // The Powerful Link Between Your Daily Photo Habit & Your Mindset

presence through photography

learn what your own

visual language is telling you.


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"One day I looked at my sons hands & realized
they weren't baby hands anymore.

I took thousands of photographs of him in those first 3 years of life.

Spent countless hours holding him...
And yet,

I was still standing there scrambling to remember his baby hands with a knot in my stomach."


a moment hoarding,

BFA degree photographer,

obsessively nostalgic

documenting mama...

& I STILL missed it.

Sometimes it's really hard

to see the forest through the trees.