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A Coming Home

"You know, it’s not about screaming, it’s about whispering. When you scream everybody hears, but not everybody listens. When you whisper maybe not too many people can hear you, but it goes deeper.”
Alber Elbaz

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Do you deliver color or black & white images?


Both! I spend a lot of time editing your images- it's truly one of my favorite parts of the process. I make creative decisions like color treatment based on many factors but none more important than emotional intent. You can expect a mix of both.

How would you describe your photo editing style?


My editing treatment is an essential part of making your photographs feel aligned with my vision and the emotion from the session. Texture and imperfections i.e.- grain, glare, blur, gritty contrast, etc are an important part of how I communicate that.

Photographic Artist? Why not photographer?


I've always struggled with labels because I want it to feel more descriptive to how I work. Photographic Artist felt most "right" to me because it's really important for me to communicate that creative editing, digging deeper, and creating an experience is a significant part of my process. This could differ from a general photographer experience where purely documenting moments is more of the expectation.