See today as tomorrow

wishes you did.

What if you never had to say,
"I wish I would've known how

important that was at the time" ?

i help you remember.

photography - mentoring - education

I help you see the nostalgia in your now,

harness your vision,

& live with intention.


In fact, I believe it can be your catalyst to an even deeper experience.

Your photographs can unlock your ability to truly SEE.

let's uncover more


What if your photographs are actually the portal to being present for your life?

How can we savor our life

as if it is always "the last time"?

When you feel the impulse to take a photo,

you are responding to an intrinsic knowing. An unconscious act of gratitude, reverence, and acknowledgement for the moment that is before you.

It is not a gluttonous, overindulgence- It is a meditative practice.

Can you imagine the power of profound insight you have on your camera roll if you go back and rather than just looking, you allow yourself to notice what you noticed?

Can you imagine what might open up for you if you stop trying to be someone else's version of present and started savoring your moments in whatever way feels best to you? (even if that means your phone is in your hand. )

what if "they" are wrong & you were always right?

“Your photo taking is not a barrier to presence, but in fact can be your personal portal to self discovery, healing, & creating a life of deep fulfillment.”

what if you listened to your gut & did what you actually want to do in your life?

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Let's just dive right into it, shall we? Podcast Ep. 32 // The Powerful Link Between Your Daily Photo Habit & Your Mindset

Your good ol' days are hidden in plain sight.

how will you know you made your life count?

When your head hits the pillow at night and you are left with yourself and yourself, you feel like the life you're living is the life you know is meant for you?

It feels like you do everything for everyone but what does it all mean if it still feels like you're missing it?

your photographs are your breadcrumbs...

Create your life vision, on purpose.

Harness the power of your daily photo habit and in turn, see, savor, & save beautiful proof that you lived the life you craved.

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At 11 yrs old, I was in bed staring at the dark ceiling and I had my first ever panic attack while considering the meaning of death. I just kept thinking, "nothing. nothing, nothing, nothing." The idea that everything that was so important to me would eventually turn into nothing, was too much for my 11 yr old brain to handle.

I became obsessed with documenting, saving, & creating things with meaning. Grease stained lunch notes, home video stills, and creating immersive installations dedicated to loved ones present & passed-I viewed everything through a nostalgic lens. I saw through the current state and into the sentimental core of it all. I received my BFA in Photography and continued living my life with a deep desire to "make it count".

In 2021, the death of my beloved dog, my first real loss in life, confirmed that the work I had been creating and my process for living it served a higher and an infinitely more expansive purpose. Grief, comfort, love, self discovery- I didn't find refuge in grand, polished places. I found what I needed in the chronicles of my seemingly mundane nothingness.

Since then I have launched a podcast, an intimate membership, education, & photographic commission offerings. All of my work is centered around showing you that your "nothing" is really your everything. All you have to do is see.

hi, you.

i'm bianca.

photographic artist/educator/mentor/podcast host/empath/introvert/mama


You have the innate ability to bring your 20/20 hindsight into your NOW.

You don't need to choose between being present & taking the photo.

Your "why" is for you.

No one else needs to "get it"




Are you ready to

feel confident in your ability to be present for your life?

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