I Don’t Quite Feel “Mom” Enough on this Mother’s Day

June 9, 2021


As a new mom, I have this intense yearning to create traditions that feel “homey” and special. As with anything and everything else in life, when you try that hard to achieve something authentic, it just feels forced. On my very first mother’s day, it hadn’t quite felt real that I would be celebrated in addition to all of the amazing women in my life and around the world that have been unwavering in their maternal glory for years. It just felt like I hadn’t paid my dues yet and wasn’t quite deserving of the appreciation- although 3 days of labor would tell me otherwise. As my fiance was about to leave on a business trip, I hurried to grab my camera and requested/demanded we take a quick family photograph. Still in pjs, no makeup, messy everything- but it turns out it was exactly what I needed to make the day feel real for me. And so began our first effortless holiday tradition: morning family portraits- come as you are.